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Beef Farmer

Beef Farmer

Meet Justin
Beef farmer | New South Wales

Located three hours’ drive from Sydney sits a stunning 3800-acre property with sprawling views of the New South Wales countryside, operating as a beef farm with 1000+ Angus beef cattle.

Justin has owned the property and herd for more than 10 years. However, since adopting a plant-based diet in 2017, Justin has witnessed its myriad health benefits. Now, standing at a crossroads, he finds himself reflecting on the transformative impact it has had on his life.

“I’m a very conflicted beef cattle farmer, and I believe there’s potentially a better pathway for both of us — meaning cattle and humans,” shares Justin.

“Cattle are just like big dogs. I’ve never felt right sending them off to the slaughterhouse.”

Beef and dairy farmers choose to exit the industry for various reasons — financial, mental, environmental, and ethical. For Justin, the decision is driven by ethics. 

Justin’s farm and property is Farm Transitions Australia’s pioneer project, initiated in 2023. We are working with Justin to help him create a more sustainable future for his farm and the animals.

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The Transition

This pioneer farm transition involves us exploring the feasibility of an agritourism business model. The concept, still in its infancy, is to blend the natural landscape with elements of sustainable tourism, offering visitors an escape from the city and a taste of country life.

The concept includes potential for a retreat, eco-cabins, recreational park and a sanctuary for some of the farm’s 1000 Angus cattle.

Farm Transitions Australia’s role in this transition is to offer free project management and business support services supporting the farmer throughout the transition.

As a non-for-profit registered charity we rely solely on community, government and private sector support to facilitate farm transitions, including this pioneering project.

We are currently 100% volunteer-run and operated, but to achieve our goal of supporting Justin – and more farmers to follow – to create sustainable, viable futures, we need your help. 

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“With Farm Transitions Australia’s help, we are exploring a new path and one I believe is the right one.” 

- Justin, Beef Farmer, New South Wales