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Our Team

Our Team

Krystal Camilleri
Founder, Executive Director - Volunteer  

With over two decades of expertise spanning business development, marketing, strategy, and brand management, Krystal Camilleri is a seasoned professional in the field.

For the past 13 years, Krystal has spearheaded a boutique marketing and business agency, guiding numerous businesses and corporations across Australia to success. In 2020, Krystal embarked on a transformative journey that took her to dairy and cattle farms, providing invaluable insights into the challenges faced by the industry.

Having witnessed firsthand the struggles of dairy farmers and their families, as well as the impact on animals and the environment, Krystal was inspired to pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable, and ethical future in agriculture. This led her to found Farm Transitions Australia (FTA) in 2023, with a visionary mission to support and assist Australia's dairy and beef farmers in transitioning out of the industry.

Phoebe Wisken
Board Director, Coordinator   

Over the last five years, Phoebe has played a pivotal role in setting up and developing two non-profit companies and registered charities. Her extensive experience in team management and logistics has been a driving force in the success of these organisations.

Phoebe's journey includes managing a team of more than 50 volunteers and overseeing the logistics of more than 2000 rescued animals, handling their rehabilitation and ensuring successful rehoming. Having spent significant time working closely with cattle farmers, Phoebe understands firsthand the challenges Aussie farmers face. This firsthand experience has fueled her commitment to supporting Australian farmers' journey towards more sustainable and ethical farming, business, or careers.

Mackenzie Severns
Social Media  

After completing her Bachelor of Advanced Science at James Cook University, Mackenzie worked in the agriculture sector in North Queensland. There, she helped sugarcane farmers reduce farm runoff and improve water quality by encouraging more sustainable, economic, and environmentally friendly practices. Mackenzie's passion extended beyond her work in agriculture and led her to run as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party in Queensland on three occasions. She fought for animal rights and advocated for more environmentally sustainable policies.

Today, Mackenzie is located in Sydney and runs a social media marketing business that assists ethically-driven businesses and organisations to use social media as a platform for good. Her expertise in social media has helped many organisations create a positive impact while also growing their businesses. With her diverse background in science, agriculture, politics, and marketing.

Mackenzie brings a wide range of experience to the Farm Transitions Australia team.

Milena Bojovic
Food Systems Researcher and Policy Advisor - Volunteer

Milena Bojovic holds a Masters in Research (Geography and Planning) and is a current PhD candidate in Geography and Planning as well as a Lecturer in Sustainability and Environmental Studies.  Her expertise includes interdisciplinary research on food systems change across local to global scales, meat and dairy agriculture, disruptions from alternative proteins, and the environmental impacts of food production. Her PhD research focuses on the future of Aotearoa New Zealand's dairy sector, exploring just and sustainable pathways to transition. She has experience engaging with diverse stakeholders and organisations to support dialogues between farm level practices and policy change. 

Elisha Atchison
Grants and Sponsorships Officer

After spending her childhood in regional Victoria, Elisha developed a strong connection to the natural environment which led her to study Environmental Science. 

Elisha's professional journey began in the delivery of municipal waste services for over a decade. During this time, she played a pivotal role in managing projects, overseeing contractors and developing strategic plans. Her expertise in project management, coupled with her proficiency in grant applications, proved instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency within the sector.

Building on this experience, Elisha transitioned her focus to support non-profit organisations in their mission to create positive social, environmental and animal welfare change. Over the past five years, she has provided invaluable assistance to various organisations, leveraging her skills in operations, advocacy, fundraising, event management and social media to amplify their impact and reach.

Drawing on her diverse skill set, Elisha is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable and ethical plant-focused farming system for Australia.

Laurence Candy
Ex- Dairy and Beef farmer
Transition Advisor - Volunteer

Laurence Candy has traversed a transformative journey from his roots as a dairy and beef farmer to a dedicated cereal farmer at Northwood Farm in Dorset, UK. This transition was prompted by a series of profound challenges between 2017 and 2019. Beginning with the devastating loss of almost his entire dairy herd to bovine tuberculosis, Laurence faced subsequent trials, including life-threatening family illnesses and the tragic passing of his brother-in-law.

These adversities prompted Laurence to undergo a significant internal shift, mainly when he was unable to sell his remaining beef animals and grappled with his conscience for the first time in his farming career. This pivotal moment sparked Laurence's journey toward animal-free farming, driven by a fusion of personal, ethical, and environmental considerations. Recognising the need for change and inspired by his own experiences, Laurence transitioned from dairy and beef farming to veganic cereal growing, ultimately becoming the UK's first certified Biocyclic Veganic Farmer.

With an unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, Laurence brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Farm Transitions Australia (FTA) Volunteer team. His profound understanding of the challenges and intricacies of closing down a beef and dairy operation and transitioning from conventional farming to plant-focused regenerative veganic farming makes him an invaluable asset to our mission of supporting farmers through the transition process.