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Our Story

Our Story

In 2023, Farm Transitions Australia (FTA) emerged as a beacon of hope, pioneering a new era for Australian dairy and beef farmers. Founded by Krystal Camilleri, FTA was born from a deeply personal journey that began with Krystal's efforts to rescue unwanted male calves from Tasmanian dairy farms slated for slaughter. Over three years, Krystal delved into the heart of the farming community, gaining invaluable insight into farmers' challenges.

Through this immersion, Krystal witnessed firsthand the myriad of challenges confronting farmers – from unpredictable weather patterns, complex production systems, climate change pressures, water insecurity, minimal downtime, isolation from working 365 days a year, rising operational costs, and unstable milk prices. It was a wake-up call to the toll conventional farming practices were exacting on the land, animals, and farmers.

Krystal saw many farmers motivated and poised to transition their farms but needed more support and guidance to achieve their goals. She recognised this gap and saw an opportunity to assist struggling farmers eager to transition their farms or graciously exit from the industry. 

Determined to spark positive change, Krystal embarked on a year-long research journey, exploring innovative solutions to support farmers in transitioning to horticulture, business or career change. With a deep well of empathy and a clear vision for a better future, she established Farm Transitions Australia.

At its core, FTA is dedicated to partnering with dairy and beef farmers, offering free business support services to facilitate their exit or transition to a more sustainable future. It represents a bold step forward, ushering in a new paradigm where agriculture harmonises with nature, fostering resilience and respect for the environment.

Farm Transitions Australia envisions a future where the well-being of farmers, the land, and the broader community are intertwined. It's a vision of agriculture that sustains and thrives – where values and business interests converge to create a system that benefits people, animals, and the planet alike.