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Dairy Farmer

Dairy Farmer

Anonymous Dairy farmer | New South Wales

A second generational dairy farmer based in country New South Wales, this farm is home to 1000 dairy cows. After years of hard work and dedication to the industry, this farmer hopes to exit dairy farming. 

Like many dairy farmers, his farming career has been marked by numerous, mounting challenges, including years of drought, flood, and escalating operational costs. The relentless demands of the job, starting before sunrise and ending well after sunset, have taken a toll. With cows needing to be milked twice daily, 365 days a year, there is little time for rest or respite. 

Rising operational expenses, including vet bills, animal feed, water, electricity, fuel, and wages, have added to the financial strain. Many dairy farmers, are caught in a cycle of dwindling profits and piling bills, making it increasingly difficult to sustain their own livelihoods. 

Relentless financial pressures clash with this farmers ethical conflict of not wanting to sell his herd for slaughter. Deeply compassionate about his herd, he prioritises his animals’ well-being above all else. He has entrusted us to begin the transition process and start rehoming a portion of the herd to loving homes or animal sanctuaries.  

Our role is to support him through this process as we investigate viable options for his farm’s future, including his remaining herd.

This challenge is significant. We require not only financial support to transition this farm, but also assistance in rehoming a portion of the herd. We also know that this farm transition will provide a far better long-term outlook for the farmer, his herd and the planet.

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The Transition

Only just off the starting line with our first farm transition and FTA has welcomed a second farmer seeking an ethical and sustainable long-term solution for his farm and his herd. This dairy farmer’s plight is exactly why we are on a mission to help farmers, animals and our planet.

This project is in its early phase, with our FTA team having completed a preliminary farm assessment and farmer interview. This dairy farmer continues to endure significant pressures from his surrounding farming community and family who are traditional farmers, to remain in dairy farming.

This farm in New South Wales homes 1000 dairy cows. Since the 1980s, the dairy industry in Australia has undergone a substantial decline, witnessing a significant drop in dairy farms from 21,989 to 4,163 in 2023. This trend reflects an increasing number of farmers, just like this dairy farmer, actively seeking avenues for financial stability, endeavouring to alleviate persistent stress, and contemplating potential career shifts, even if it means stepping away from the industry they deeply cherish.

The farmer has resisted pressures to sell his herd as he knows that would sign their fate for slaughter. As a result, the farmer is facing severe financial and mental stress.

Our commitment is to help the farmer create a path forward, with a future-focused solution. A solution that not only improves the outcomes for his herd, but also improves his financial outlook and mental well-being.

Our team is working alongside the farmer to explore options and plans for reducing the herd, ultimately closing down the farm and seek a new career away from farming. 

We are currently 100% volunteer-run and operated, but to achieve our goal of supporting this farmer – and more farmers to follow – to create sustainable, viable futures, we need your help. 

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